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Welcome to the Rifsons Food

About The Rifsons Food Company’s Organic Beginning

The Rifsons Food is proud to be based out of Multan, Pakistan. We grow & source natural & organic foods & beverage products and are available to your nearest stores everywhere.

What began as a small initiative of supplying to select niche shops, hotels and restaurants in Multan has now grown much larger and now we are offering our natural & organic products to the public at large.

Right Now, we are far from achieving what we had first set out to achieve. We hope you can join us on our mission to build and spread awareness of healthy & eco-sustainable living in Pakistan.

Since 1992, we are one of the most progressive business structures of Pakistan, with handsome operations that reach out across industries. The Rifsons Foods is principally engaged in the manufacturing, trade and export of foods, juices, and other products across different industries.

Extensive expeditions of benchmark triumphs and creation of radical products have made the Rifsons Food what it is today. We use our experience to shape markets and the future of the economy and the society by creating more value and serving our customers better everyday. Throughout the years, we have gone from quality to quality, acquiring and spearheading some of the most renowned businesses and brands in Pakistan and abroad.

The Rifsons Food welcomes diversity whole-heartedly. Be it venturing into newer industries and products lines, or acquiring and retaining the best talent across functions, and making intellectual and technological advancement in different business categories… we believe in attaining the highest standards of quality in everything we do.

Sheep Casings Certification

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HACCP Juices Certification

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Halal Certification

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SECP Certification

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Trademark Certification

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E.U. Export Certification

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Our Mission

Our central goal is to make a superior everyday life for numerous individuals associated with us. Our business idea augments this mission by offering an extensive range of products that broaden our horizons. We set our eyes on the future to create the unsurpassed products and use our businesses to incite and actualize solutions to branch out further.

Our Belief

We gain from all that we do. We believe that it is all an incredible voyage of learning that defines all our successes. Experiences take us further by widening our horizons and broadening the spectrum of possibilities there are.


For us, how it is done is always more important than what is done! We strictly adhere to the highest standards of compliance, ethics and general fairness that prevail in the industries we operate in.


Our corporate values help us convey our mission, and deliver on our corporate strategy of Believing in Quality. Through integrity, accountability, enthusiasm, expedition and a convergence on success, we have made a dynamic organizational infrastructure where ideas can bloom, individuals can prosper and achievement can thrive.

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